Vimix for customer-focussed brands

Curate and share your brand’s video stories

Your users are already creating content about you. Understand, generate, motivate and share video stories about your brand from your users.

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Vimix video challenges

Unite your audience

to build trust and

inspire participation

with user videos


Generate content from your product users in exchange for rewards and exposure

Brand campaigns, Product reviews, Customer Testimonials, Video stories

Employee engagement

Securely engage with your employees within your organization with video.

Employee Engagement, Employee Stories, Knowledge sharing, Company culture

Academic and Non-profit

Create a platform for your peers, students and followers to share their voice.

Video Tutorials, Lectures, Class projects, Teacher profiles, Student clubs

How it works?


Create your video challenges in minutes

Create challenges with no technical or design skills, generate high volumes of User Generated Content perfect for social accounts and advertising. Advertise to your audience on your social media accounts or our creator network.

Manage submission workflow with ease

Vimix helps you manage every step, monitor and analyze all aspects of submissions workflow for Video challenges via our admin dashboard. Moderate incoming content via machine learning, yourself or our team of moderators.

Track and amplify the impact

With Vimix management tool, brands can easily track a range of challenge engagements including reach, likelihood to recommend, content consumption, analytics, and more. Use selected content for your marketing on Social media or other touch points.

Manage your video library

Manage and host 1000's of your own videos or user videos with ease from a single dashboard.
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