Create a video hub for

your brand‘s audience

Your create unique video content. Easily build a branded video website, collect more content, increase your audience, rise above competition, and generate revenue.

Vimix is an easy-to-use video platform for media companies, brands and video creators to get more attention and revenue from social video

Curate or Host Videos

Host your own videos, or curate videos from YouTube or Facebook while recognizing and collaborating with the creators.

Generate videos at scale

Offer rewards and generate user-generated video content at mass with Vimix video challenges. Use selected content for engagement on your marketing channels.

Grow your business

Create branded experience for your audience with branded video sites, for SEO and Inbound marketing. Enable subscriptions, ads or Generate leads.

For Publishers and Media companies

Redirecting all website traffic to  your YouTube channel? Online marketing takes a lot of your team’s time?

Vimix enables you to turn your social video channels into branded video hubs, with curated or your own videos.

Generate traffic to your marketing channels, get video submissions, generate leads and brand sponsorships

Vimix offers a flexible pay as you grow model for creators and media companies.

For Brands and E-commerce stores

User-video reviews increase sales by up to 120%. With Vimix easily collect UGC video and enable at all customer touch points. More engagement and higher sales for your products, with user-generated video in your segments. 

Try Vimix for no-risk. Pay based on the boost in your sales.

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Watch daily make up tips and tutorials on your mobile

Food quickies every day, from the chefs like you and me

Check out the ultimate curated resource for food enthusiasts. Submit your recipes, get exposure, become famous.

Cushman Wakefield

Cushman Wakefield Waterloo Region

Watch daily feed of video reviews created by real users, for the latest gadgets

Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal's video hub gets a fresh look powered by Vimix.

Since 1958, Microwave Journal has been the leading source for information about RF and Microwave technology, design techniques, news, events and educational information.
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