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Vimix makes it super easy to collect video reviews from your creative customers, and use these for authentic customer engagement and trust. Free trial, pay as you grow pricing.

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Turn your audience's voice into social proof

Product owners use Vimix to create, distribute and track video reviews with the help of micro-influencers, for authentic engagement, saving time and marketing costs. Here's how it works:

Generate video reviews

Create video challenges for generating engaging video content from your creative customers

Engage everywhere

Moderate and publish to your Instagram stories, Facebook or YouTube channel. Embed videos in your product pages.

Analyze impact

Get data from multiple channels in one place, and understand how social video reviews impact your product sales and engagement.

Source video reviews from customers

Create challenges that excite your audience

Vimix enables you to source video reviews from your creative customers with video challenges. You can define rewards and terms, and advertise challenge links on social media channels.
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On-site engagement

Increase conversions on product pages

Vimix uses AI to recommend best customer videos in your product pages, social trust helps your customers to make purchase decisions up to 144% faster.


You can manage the video library and synchronize with your product database from Vimix dashboard.

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