A video marketing platform to

bridge brands and creative audiences

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Vimix is a social video marketing solution for modern brands. Generate videos from creatives at low cost and in less time. Host, distribute and track these on your marketing channels from a single dashboard.

Generate videos at a fraction of traditional cost

Engage thousands of creatives and your own audience to create social-media ready videos, in exchange for rewards and prizes, with Vimix campaigns.

Get leads and sales from social media video

Generate traffic from publishing short clipped videos on social media channels – convert leads with branded video hubs and landing pages.

Understand what your audience wants to watch

Vimix uses AI to discover objects and sentiments in your videos, and match it with video watching data to help you understand success factors.

Vimix for creators and micro influencers

Monetize your creative talent, and grow your personal brand

  • Work with your favourite brands in video crowd-sourcing campaigns and get paid for creating amazing content
  • Create public profile pages to showcase your talent and social media influence
  • Connect and collaborate with community of creators just like you
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