Video marketing platform
to generate content at scale

Generate low cost video-content from thousands of creators, and use it for paid
or native marketing channels.

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Pay for creativity, not influence

Brands get engaging videos from creators at scale, at a fraction of the traditional cost. Use content for engagement and marketing in any way you need.

For brands and agencies

Brand-friendly, risk-free way to produce video content at scale

  • Generate brand-approved video content at a fraction of cost.
  • Get any video content format – short-form Instagram stories or a long-form for YouTube
  • Freedom to use earned content as you need
  • Pay a flat fee to manage unlimited content, campaigns, and creators. Customize Vimix as you need with APIs and Integrations.
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For creators and micro influencers

Monetize your creative talent, and grow your personal brand

  • Work with your favourite brands in video crowd-sourcing campaigns and get paid for creating amazing content
  • Create public profile pages to showcase your talent and social media influence
  • Connect and collaborate with community of creators just like you
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Watch daily make up tips and tutorials on your mobile

Food quickies every day, from the chefs like you and me

Check out the ultimate curated resource for food enthusiasts. Submit your recipes, get exposure, become famous.

Cushman Wakefield

Cushman Wakefield Waterloo Region

Watch daily feed of video reviews created by real users, for the latest gadgets

Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal's video hub gets a fresh look powered by Vimix.

Since 1958, Microwave Journal has been the leading source for information about RF and Microwave technology, design techniques, news, events and educational information.

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